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This is the home page for the Christy Mailing List. It's a way for a group of people on the Internet to share similar interests in a discussion type forum that is open to constructive comments or questions. In this case, the mailing list consists solely of fans of the "Christy" television series and novels.


The only requirements for joining this list are that you have a regular e-mail account, and that you read the general Rules of 'Netiquette' before you begin posting messages.

Also read the Christy Mailing List Rules. If you don't follow these rules you'll risk being removed from the list without warning.

Note: It is unwise to join if you leave your account unused for long periods, as a full mailbox on your end can cause problems for the host mailing server, and cause problems for your own ISP. You'll get unsubscribed if I get "full mailbox" messages from your address. In addition, this list tends to be very high volume (ie. sometimes up to 100 messages per day), so be warned that you will probably need to check your email everyday if you join the list.

Note that it is possible to join the list in "digest" format, where you can receive all the messages from that day condensed into one email. Let Sonja know if you want to join the digest version (see below).

How to subscribe or unsubscribe:

All you need to do is email Sonja with a request.

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